Why study in Oxford

The whole point of a Study Abroad experience is that students can step outside our front door and immediately start to practise the language they have seen in the classroom.  Oxford is the perfect environment in which to practise English – a friendly, small, safe and clean city where every student gets the opportunity to speak all day, every day – in restaurants, museums, pubs, shops, on the bus.  Everywhere!

So, as well as the top-class University making it one of the world’s most famous centres of learning, what else does Oxford have to offer?  Well, it’s a great city and one which:

  • is easy to get around on foot
  • is full of historic buildings – the university colleges, the churches, the museums and the castle make the many walking tours available an interesting couple of hours
  • has many green spaces – there are two rivers, many parks and the beautiful Botanic Gardens, all lovely places to relax
  • is full of traditional and friendly pubs – there are about 20 great pubs within five minutes of Berlitz (including one underneath!) all with a great selection of English beer and a friendly atmosphere
  • has an incredible literary heritage – JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis,  and Lewis Carroll all found inspiration here
  • has a huge choice of cuisine – not only fish ‘n’ chips and pies, but there are restaurants here which serve food from all over the world for all adventurous eaters
  • is right in the heart of southern England – close to important cities such as London, Birmingham and Bristol, as well as close to stunning countryside (the Cotswolds are a 15-minute drive away), and great places to visit such as Stonehenge, Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford, or Churchill’s family home at Blenheim Palace